From Clock-in to Clock-out,

Keep All Tasks Securely Protected

MarkAny's security solution automates all your business security processes, 
allowing you to focus solely on your work.

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MarkAny's Solutions Are Distinctly Different.

With differentiated consulting and innovative technology, we ensure the safety of all business activities.

Security, Now Without the Hassle.

With MarkAny'ssecurity autoamtion, invisible watermarking, and artificial intelligence,
Minimize all business disruptions.

Corporate Security Automation

Automates security processes to reduce disruptions and ensure seamless operations. Offers a tailored security system that blocks potential leakages, enabling secure work environments.

Invisible Forensic Watermark

Embeds invisible watermarks in images, videos, and audio to prevent unauthorized leaks. In case of leakage, it allows easy tracking of the source, ensuring secure content distribution. 

Mobile Automatic Security System

Integrates mobile with access systems to automatically enable shooting, capturing, and recording. Also supports watermarking and DRM on mobile devices.

Document Antiforgering Technology

Can conclusively verify the authenticity of official documents and certificates, and trace the specific alternations made.

AI  Video Security Solution

AI analyzes video to rapudly detect natural disasters, locate missing persons, and identify crimes. DRM can be applied when exporting videos, and CCTV assets can be easliy managed

Blockchain Applicable Across All Industries

Offers blockchain technology for sectors like public services, logistics, manufacturing, finance, and education. Easy integration with specific APIs and a GUI-focused setup.

MarkAny has been recognized for its expertise 

by over 3,500 companies worldwide.



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