Build a Safer Society with AI

AI Video Surveillance/Analysis

Provides services for selective monitoring, missing person searches, and vehicle recognition 

using artificial intelligence

AI Selective Monitoring

Equipped with AI developed to suit the specific environment, it auto detects various incidents and natural disasters (accidents, fires, floods, etc.) and provides immediate response

AI Vehicle Recognition

It utilizes existing CCTV, eliminating the need to build a separate high-cost infrastructure. It uses MarkAny’s own deep learning-based optical character recognition (AI OCR)

AI Selective Monitoring Solution

Crime Prevention Monitoring

Detect abnormal behaviors such as crime, theft, fights, and fence climbing to prevent crimes in advance.

Natural Disaster Monitoring

Detect and recognize various incidents and natural disasters such as fires, and floods, and display them on the screen.

In-house AI Developed

Ensure the highest level of accuracy and speed with AI developed in-house and optimized parameters tailored.

Self-Improving System

A monitoring solution that continuously learns and improves accuracy through ongoing learning and feedback.

Stable Functionality

Prevent overload with self-developed monitoring-specific VMS and maintain solution functionality even after failures

Statics and Reporting

Provide dashboards with statistics and data for various events.

AI grids the CCTV screen, classifies objects within each area, and infers detection information.

AI Missing Person Search Solution

High Detection Rate

Combine AI object detection, extraction, and comparison models for fast and accurate high detection rates.

Easy Installation

Utilize existing security CCTV without the need for additional installations

AI License Plate Recognition Solution (LPR)

Cost Reduction Using Existing Security CCTV Cameras 

No need to install expensive cameras; utilize existing security cameras for license plate recognition.

Enhancing and Streamlining Public Safety

Utilize AI-based systems to detect wanted, stolen, or overdue vehicles for quick responses to involving incidents

AI-Based License Plate Recognition System

Automatically detect license plates through deep learning-based real-time video analysis and GIS-based tracking

Various Security Features

Enhance user security with audit logs and OTP authentication, and enable user role-based permission.

Control Dashboard Provision

Provide real-time event notifications for incidents and specific vehicles, and offer data statistics for analysis.

System Integration

Easily integrate with systems for speed/traffic signal violations and illegal parking enforcement.

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MarkAny Co., Ltd.  13th Floor, Ssangrim Building, 286 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea ㅣ (+82) 02-2262-5222 ㅣ ㅣ 
Business Registration Number : 101-81-47345 

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